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Ron Moos, Homewood Handyman

Older homes are my specialty. I've been a home handyman for over 30 years and have lived in Homewood, AL for over 25 years. My first project was a whopper. The floor next to the bathtub in my first home was "squishy". Rotten wood underneath the linoleum floor. This was 1978 before the TV series, This Old House, and before the whole DIY thing. After replacing the sub flooring and re-leveling, I put down ceramic tile on the floor and the tub-shower surround. Then, I refinished an antique oak chest of drawers and popped a drop-in sink into it.

The skills I've learned since then have saved me thousands of dollars, and it is something I truly enjoy. I've logged many hours since then fixing anything from leaky faucets and bad wall switches, to putting in new electric outlets, to building out a basement bedroom for my daughter, to putting up a chain link fence for the dogs, to relocating the laundry from the basement to an upstairs closet. You get the idea.

Some of the more unusual project requests I have had include a 10x10 foot treehouse and retrofitting a van to serve as a mobile clothing showroom. Sometimes even simple projects require a unique solution. One of my customers received a quote for over $3,000 to rebuild a small sagging deck. It was structurally sound, but three support posts had rotted because they were never anchored in concrete. We jacked up the deck, put in new concreted posts, and saved her $2,500. Another customer had a large unframed canvas painting that had warped at the bottom left corner when it was in storage. A piece of Velcro on the back of the wood frame and one on the wall cured the problem.

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