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I've been doing handyman work for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a small country town, I learned how to repair just about everything in and around the house such as fixing basic plumbing, wiring the house, building cabinets, and replacing the floor. I feel I've always had a knack at fixing things and I welcome any challenge that is presented to me. I'm constantly seeking new knowledge on the latest gadgets, tools, tricks, and techniques of the trade, so I guess you could consider me a master apprentice.

I'm bringing some unique opportunities to the business as well. I have a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreational Therapy with a minor in gerontology. I've worked with many different populations with varying degrees of physical and cognitive disabilities. One of things that I have seen is something called adaptive access, which is where a person with a recent disability is able to retain his or her independence by returning to a fully functional home complete with wider doorways, ramps, and lever handles. Aging-in-Place is another big topic in which a house is prepped to be "senior friendly" by installing handrails, stair lifts, and other assistive devices throughout the home so that the individual can carry out his or her life independently. Other help can be provided for individuals and families with unique needs, so please contact us for your free estimate today. Additionally, I worked for Blockbuster for seven years so I have some experience with home theater systems as well. We sold a variety of systems at my store, everything from your basic DVD player to Tivos, Blu-Ray Players, theater systems, and video-game consoles. So, if you are in the market to upgrade your space or if your wife finally gave you permission to build that man-cave, I can help.

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