Pet-Friendly Homes

Dogs and cats, especially new pups and kittens, can be very curious creatures. This curiosity can often get them into some potentially serious trouble. Our in-home evaluation will identify any potential hazards and problems in your home and yard. Homewood Handyman can offer recommendations about how to fix these areas to protect your pet. Below is a typical list of modifications before your new pet moves into your home:

·        Pet-proof latches on cabinets and doors to prevent opening

·        Shelving installation to keep harmful supplies out of reach

·        Toilet lid locks

·        Wire rerouting/concealing to prevent dangling wires

·        Heating/air vent coverings

·        Safety gates on doors and stairs to prevent access

We can help you feel at ease with your new addition to the family. Contact Homewood Handyman today. 205-217-5671